Your Creative Meditation

Whether you're a young, stay-at-home parent seeking a convenient, healthy stimulation…

…or a stressed-out office worker is searching for a beautiful, constructive release from the pressures of work and family…

… you'll love the LovinAnime Paint-By-Numbers kits.

Here's Why Our Inspiring, Simple-To-Use Paint Kits Are Perfect For You:

  • Soothe Your Mind - When the anxiety and stress of day-to-day life are clawing their way into you, our Paint by numbers kits are a creative way to quiet your mind and instill a sense of calm.
  • Zero Painting Experience Required - While our kits provide a wonderful creative outlet, you'll never wonder what to do next. Follow our guiding numbers, and you'll enter a relaxed flow of beautiful imagery and vision.
  • Beautify Your Home - First and foremost, you'll be relaxing your mind and body, BUT you'll also create beautiful works of art you can frame and display in your house.
  • A Wonderful Way To Bond With Family Or Friends - You'll experience the best of both worlds – unwind with loved ones over a glass of wine while enjoying a heart-warming sense of accomplishment.
  • Easy To Use, A Pleasure To Master - Each kit involves the same beautifully minimalistic, step-by-step process. Apply the suggested paint color as clearly marked on both the paint container and canvas, and you'll be on your way to creating your gorgeous work of art.