Paint Replacement Policy

At LovinAnime, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have a positive experience with our oil painting kits. To address any issues related to dried-out paint, we have implemented the following Paint Replacement Policy:

Dried Paint (within 6 months): If your paint dries out within 6 months, provide your order number, canvas ID for the whole paint set, or paint number for the dried paint tube. Contact with these details and images of the dried paint for a free replacement.

If you receive this as a gift and don’t have an order number, please tell us your accurate shipping address.

Paint Replenishment (after 6 months): Additional paint can be purchased at our website. Individual Paint Tube: USD 0.7, Complete Set of Paints: USD 14.95, Shipping Fees: USD 4.95.

Ordering Process: Visit our website, select the quantity and type of paint, add to cart, and provide accurate shipping information. Please note the canvas id or paint number at checkout page, or simply email us after the purchase.