Unleash Your Inner Artist with Our Anime Paint by Numbers Kit

Are you an anime fan who has always wanted to try your hand at painting, but never knew where to start?

Look no further! Our exclusive Anime Paint by Numbers Kit is the perfect solution for you!

This all-in-one kit provides everything you need to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind work of art that will impress your friends and family.

What Can You Do With Our Painting Kit?

Paint Like An Expert

While our kits provide a wonderful creative outlet, you’ll never wonder what to do next. Follow our guiding numbers, and you’ll enter a relaxed flow of beautiful imagery and vision.

Soothe Your Mind

When the anxiety and stress of day-to-day life are clawing into you, our Paint by numbers kits is a creative way to quiet your mind and instill a sense of calm.

Bond With Family Or Friends

You’ll experience the best of both worlds – unwind with loved ones over a glass of wine while enjoying a heart-warming sense of accomplishment.

What’s In The Package

Your Paint By Numbers kit includes everything you need to get started:

  1. Your premium quality canvas is carefully rolled and wrinkle-free (Size: 16 X 23” / 40 X 60 CM)
  2. Plenty of Paint with all the colors you need to complete your masterpiece.
  3. A set of 3 unique paint brushes so you’ll comfortably navigate wide and narrow areas.

Do I Need A Frame?

Most customers prefer to stretch their canvas over a frame before starting. This makes it much easier to paint and gives you a more enjoyable experience and a better result.

To Include A Frame With Your Kit, >>> CLICK HERE >>> And Add Your “Wood Frame” To the Cart.

How to get started?

Secure your canvas

With tape or a frame to avoid movement during painting.

Fill each area

With paint marked with the matching number ( 1 to 24 ).

Lighter area first

Start painting an area of lighter color first, left to right is an ideal way.

One color at a time

Stick with one color at a time to avoid cleaning the paint brush frequently.

Clean it up

Clean your paintbrush between colors with water and a paper towel.

What Our Customers Say:

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